January 2018 Newsletter


As the sun set on 2017, and I looked back over everything we have done in the last year, I am filled with gratitude and appreciation for every person who puts their heart and soul into our airport. Every business owner, technician, pilot, instructor, student... YOU are the reason KLVJ is growing into a General Aviation destination and professional aviation facility. And for many of us who spend more time inside the fence than out, KLVJ is our home, and I am proud of everything we have accomplished.

2018 will be my 4th year at KLVJ as the Airport Operations Manager, and the last 3 years have been a whirlwind of activity, tremendous growth, relentless hard-work, laughs, loss, new friendships and a community like no other I have experienced. I couldn't ask for a better place to be, or better people to work with.  Our annual fuel sales continue to surpass previous years, for both fuel types. That is something worth celebrating, and it needs to be mentioned how grateful we are to have such a loyal community backing us up!

2018 will also bring new challenges and opportunities for KLVJ and we welcome them with open arms. We will focus on airport improvement projects while continuing to provide the highest level of service and as always, reinforce safety as our top priority.  Stephen, Trevor and I remain dedicated to improving the lives of each tenant and visitor. Please stop by the FBO or give us a call if we can assist you in any way.

 Safe flying, 

Adam Arceneaux
Airport Manager


In May, the airport received a grant from the FAA for security and safety improvements. A few of the safety items that will be included in the project are: new markings for the runway, upgrades to the electrical vault for the airport lights, new illuminated runway signs, and security gate enhancements.

Projects included in the improvements include: 

  • All new runway markings

  • All new taxiway striping

  • New centerline for taxiway/Airfield Lane

  • Relocating and replacing illuminated signs to comply with FAA distance standards

  • New regulators

  • Runway safety markings including flashing lights

  • Replacement of main entrance gate

The project went out for bid in early December and a contractor has been selected.  We anticipate the work will begin in Spring 2018


Visit the Land for Sale page on our website or download the brochure to see the reduced sale price on the remaining lots. 

Pearland Regional Airport is offering a rare opportunity to own property at a growing, privately-owned airport! There are currently four lots available, ranging in size from 10,300 square feet to 4.8 acres.  All lots have direct airfield access and can be developed for private or commercial use. 


In addition to our move-in special, we are also offer a pre-payment discount: prepay eleven months and get the twelfth month free! For more information call (281) 482-7551.

Full moon rising over LVJ. We're looking forward to the Super Blue Moon at the end of the month.

Full moon rising over LVJ. We're looking forward to the Super Blue Moon at the end of the month.

Full moon rising over LVJ. We're looking forward to the Super Blue Moon at the end of the month.