May 2018 Newsletter


The warm weather and busy flying season are in full effect and as always, we encourage everyone to make safety the top priority each and every day. I'd like to remind everyone that effective communication is a key factor in maintaining a safe operating environment.

We have seen our traffic numbers increase year after year. Our rapid, sustained growth can bring challenges to the traffic pattern. Whether you are in a helicopter, fixed-wing or trying to cross a runway, effective and timely communication is the first line of defense against any incident.

I have experienced what can happen when two pilots aren't communicating during flight. I've seen a fixed wing aircraft pass a few feet over a helicopter already on the runway preparing for takeoff. I have seen vehicles and aircraft cross the runways with pilots on short final approach. I have witnessed countless go-arounds because one of the pilots in the pattern isn't using their radio. These examples are real and could be totally avoided by simple and direct communication between pilots.

We do not have a control tower here at KLVJ and that makes each individual pilot responsible for their actions and communication with others. No one prefers a last second go-around because taxiing traffic pulls out on to the runway, or because someone is using the wrong end of 14/32. Listen to your radio and clearly state your position and intentions while in KLVJ Airspace. If you are unsure about something...ASK. We are here to help each other. The system only works if we all hold each other accountable and work as a team to ensure safe, effective communication.

If you have any questions, or want to continue this discussion, please stop by the FBO - we are always happy to help. I want to say thank you to everyone who works so hard, day in and day out, to make KLVJ the awesome place it is! Let's keep up the good work! 

Safe flying, 

Adam Arceneaux
Airport Manager


Construction associated with the FAA grant for security and safety improvements started Monday, May 21.  

Throughout the course of the project, we will send frequent updates about construction locations and associated closures and will include detailed maps (click the links below to view the maps).  

We will work closely with the engineer, contractor, and inspector to minimize disruptions as best we can.  

Below you'll find an overview of the project. The dates listed are subject to change based on weather.

Phase 1: Remove pavement markings east of Runway 14/32  

Monday, May 21 - Friday, May 25  

Phase 2: Remove pavement markings west of Runway 14/32

Saturday, May 26 - Monday, June 4

Phase 3: Remove pavement markings on Taxiway Alpha

Tuesday, June 5 - Saturday, June 9

Phase 4: Remove pavement markings and re-stripe Runway 14/32 (includes vault work and electrical work in along Runway 14/32)

Sunday, June 10 - Tuesday, June 19

Phase 5: Re-stripe pavement markings on all non-runway surfaces  

Wednesday, June 20 - Saturday, June 24

Throughout the entire project, crews will be working on electrical and will be replacing gates and signs outside of the Runway Safety Area (RSA).

We anticipate the entire project will wrap up by Wednesday, July 4. 

During construction, if you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at (281) 482-7551.  

This grant project is administered by TxDOT Aviation, engineered by RSP Klotz, and the contractor is Airfield Western. We will be able to pass along issues to the appropriate person and attempt to answer your questions as expeditiously as possible. 



Visit the Land for Sale page on our website or download the brochure to see the reduced sale price on the remaining lots. 

Pearland Regional Airport is offering a rare opportunity to own property at a growing, privately-owned airport! There are currently four lots available, ranging in size from 10,300 square feet to 4.8 acres.  All lots have direct airfield access and can be developed for private or commercial use.