March 2018 Newsletter

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One of the things that truly separates KLVJ from most other airports I have encountered are the people, and the way we all strive to work together. We have a community like no other! Day or night, rain or shine, we can depend on each other to help maintain safe flying, remedy problems, and promote a tremendously positive aviation atmosphere!

I want to share with everyone an upcoming opportunity provided by our friends at Coastal Skies Flying Club and Total Aircraft Services. On April 7 they will be hosting an FAA basic medical clinic from 12pm-6pm at the Total Aircraft Services Hangar. More details are shared in the article below. 

I encourage everyone to take advantage of this great chance to complete your medical requirements and spend a day visiting with other pilots and instructors at KLVJ. These types of events are key in maintaining a safe and effective environment!

There are countless chances to learn new skills, reach another milestone, or help someone else discover and unlock their potential in aviation. I'd like to thank each member of our community for always going above and beyond to look out for each other and provide opportunities for success!

Safe flying, 

Adam Arceneaux
Airport Manager


Coastal Skies Flying Club and Total Aircraft Services is hosting a FAA basic medical clinic on April 7 from 12pm-6pm at the Total Aircraft Services Hangar, 17910 Airfield Lane. You can save time and schedule an appointment by calling (281) 338-2006.

Dr. Ping Chu is a pilot friendly physician with 25 years in the medical field. He will conduct Basic Medical Exams at KLVJ to help pilots stay current with regulations. The cost is $100 (cash or check) and the Basic Medical is good for 4 years (check with AOPA about your medical requirements). You must have held an FAA Medical Certificate within the last 10 years to use the new Basic Medical. 

Refreshments will be served, and you can contact Eric Brookshire at (281) 993-1151 with any questions


Construction covered under the grant from the FAA for security and safety improvements is set to begin at the end of May/early June.   

Projects included in the improvements include: 

  • All new runway markings

  • All new taxiway striping

  • New centerline for taxiway/Airfield Lane

  • Relocating and replacing illuminated signs to comply with FAA distance standards

  • New regulators for airfield lighting

  • Runway safety markings including flashing lights

  • Replacement/addition of airport entrance gates

As we get closure to the start of construction, please stay tuned for more information regarding work. We will be sending out special bulletins regarding the construction schedule, closures, and NOTAMS as the details are finalized.


Visit the Land for Sale page on our website or download the brochure to see the reduced sale price on the remaining lots. 

Pearland Regional Airport is offering a rare opportunity to own property at a growing, privately-owned airport! There are currently four lots available, ranging in size from 10,300 square feet to 4.8 acres.  All lots have direct airfield access and can be developed for private or commercial use. 


In addition to our move-in special, we are also offer a pre-payment discount: prepay 11 months and get the 12th month free! For more information call (281) 482-7551.