March 2019 Newsletter


2019 is flying right along and now that we are getting some better weather, the busy flying season is upon us. We encourage everyone to make SAFETY the top priority every day. I'd like to remind everyone that effective communication is a key factor in maintaining a safe operating environment.

We have seen our traffic numbers increase year after year. Our rapid, sustained growth can bring challenges to the traffic pattern. Whether you are in a helicopter, fixed-wing, or trying to cross a runway, effective and timely communication is the first line of defense against an incident.

I have heard several accounts recently from pilots who have seen or experienced something in the pattern at KLVJ that could have been prevented with effective communication. When pilots aren't communicating during flight, bad things can happen. When pilots fly non-standard patterns or disregard radio communications, bad things can happen. When this lack of communication becomes regular, bad things WILL happen.

There are standard practices in place for air-to-air radio communication and proper traffic pattern procedures. I implore everyone to familiarize themselves with these procedures and take immediate action to make sure you are always following the regulations. If you have a question about the regs, there are many resources available to help. The FAA, Houston FSDO and the incredible CFI's at KLVJ are excellent sources of information when it comes to interpreting regulations and standard procedures.

We do not have a control tower and that makes individual pilots responsible for their actions and communication with others. We cannot accept last second go-arounds because taxiing traffic pulls on to the runway, or because someone is flying a non-standard pattern. Listen to your radio and clearly state your position and intentions while in KLVJ Airspace. If you are unsure about something...ASK. We are here to help each other. The system only works if we all hold each other accountable and cooperate to ensure safe, effective communication.

If you have any questions, or want to continue this discussion, please stop by the FBO - we are always happy to help. 

I want to say thank you to everyone who works so hard, day in and day out, to make KLVJ the awesome place it is! Let's keep up the good work!

Safe flying, 

Adam Arceneaux
Airport Manager


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Coming up in April, a "Meet the Fleet" event, introducing a new airplane in the Club and improvements to the Arrow.  Lunch will be served. 

When: April 13, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Where: NEW LOCATION!! Clover Hangar -- This is the Green Hangar across from the FBO

This is an exciting opportunity to talk directly with the airplane owners and ask them questions about their airplanes and systems.

RSVP and submit questions ahead of time to For more information visit their website or email.



Visit the Land for Sale page on our website to download the brochure to see the reduced sale price on the remaining lots. 

Pearland Regional Airport is offering a rare opportunity to own property at a growing, privately-owned airport! There are currently four lots available, ranging in size from 10,300 square feet to 4.8 acres.  All lots have direct airfield access and can be developed for private or commercial use.